Wafer Cutting

We help our customers to optimize their wafer quality and production yield with specialized product lines for different wafer cutting processes.

The Pluriol® brand is well established in the industry as a wafer cutting fluid. This brand is based on polyalkylene glycol chemistry, which provides our customers the flexibility to design tailor-made cutting slurries that match their process requirements.

The Pluriol® portfolio ensures optimized production economics through

  • Constant high wafer quality
  • High yield, less wafer breakage
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimized kerf loss
  • High recycling efficiency
  • Neutral pH, non-corrosive
  • Sufficient thermal conductivity

Our world class production technology guarantees constant high product quality. BASF’s multi-purpose production sites, organized around our Verbund concept, provide flexibility and reliability of supply.

Additionally, BASF offers a wide range of additives for further advanced properties

  • Pluronic® for enhanced lubricant properties
  • Plurafac® for enhanced wetting properties of grain sizes
  • Korantin® to prevent corrosion
  • Sokalan® to improve dispersion and suspension properties
  • Protectol® as biocidal active ingredients
  • Tetronic® as scale inhibitor

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