Pulp and Paper

At BASF we use our core competences and know-how to deliver specialized chemical products for the pulp and paper industries. Our aims are to help optimize process costs, enhance process reliability and improve the final product performance. Our broad technology base allows our customers to meet the demands within the downstream paper and board value chain.

In addition to our portfolio of existing products, BASF is experienced in developing innovation in partnership with our customers.

Our product range finds broad application:


  • To improve the release of ink in the deinking process Lutensol®; Plurafac®; Pluronic®
  • Used in pulp deresination auxiliaries Lutensol®; Emulan®; Pluronic® (low foam alternatives)
  • Digestor aids in pulp production for the removal of lignin Lutensol®; Plurafac®; Pluronic®
  • Active components in acidic and alkaline cleaners for paper machine cleaning Lutropur® MSA; Trilon®; Lutensit®

Sokalan® Watersoluble polymers

  • High performance dispersants for mineral pigment coating slurries, eg calcium carbonate
  • Proven antiscale additives for aqueous processes

Protectol® Biocides

  • Protection of the paper manufacturing process by prevention of in-process slime formation
  • Preservation of water-based mill additives such as mineral slurries and paper coatings

Trilon® Chelating agents

  • Metal ion chelators for bleach stabilization in the pulp bleaching process
  • Ion chelating antiscale additives for aqueous processes

Degressal® and Pluriol® P

  • Silicone-free process defoamers

Luwax® Waxes

  • Performance for packaging board barrier layers

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