BASF offers solid waxes as lubricants that enable an effective and economical processing of rigid PVC. Lubricants are used as an additive for rigid PVC to precisely control the gelation time, to reduce the torque, and to provide an anti-sticking effect during processing. Waxes increase the utilization of process equipment and process stability when used as lubricants. In addition, end users of PVC products prefer a glossy and defect-free surface which is only obtained with lubricants.

They provide a hydrophobic surface and thus increase the weatherability and life time of PVC products.

Colored plastics are indispensable in modern life, and lots of pigment-plastics combinations exist to fulfill the requirements of product design and functionality. Manufacturers of colored plastics prefer to use
masterbatches; rather than pastes, powders, or liquids, to increase process security and processability.
Masterbatches are solid pre-mixtures of pigments and/or additives, and carrier plastics that can be combined
with various types of plastics. Pigments are much better dispersed, even in high concentration, by using
waxes. The pigment is finely and more homogeneously dispersed which improves the color strength and the smoothness of the surface. The melt flow is reduced with waxes, leading to higher process output.

Based upon our chemical and technical expertise in waxes we can provide a valuable contribution to your
business success. Our Luwax portfolio for the Plastics Industry comprises:

  • Polyethylene homopolymer waxes
  • Oxidized LDPE waxes
  • Montan waxes
  • Micronized polyethylene waxes

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