Emulsion Polymerization

BASF uses its know-how to deliver high performance products, of consistent high quality, to customers in the emulsion polymerization industry. Emulsion polymerization is a complex technology employed to produce a variety of polymer dispersions. The dispersions then find application in adhesives, paints, textiles leather and paper.

BASF surfactants and additives used during the polymerization process are critical for problem-free manufacture; post-polymerization stabilization and can also positively influence the dispersion performance in application.


Surfactants for polymerization control and post-polymerization stabilization phases

  • Disponil®, Lutensol®, Lutensit®, Emulan®, Pluronic®
  • Broad range of anionic and nonionic grades
  • APEO replacement options
  • Low foaming surfactant options

Surfactants as foaming agents

  • Disponil® ; Lutensol®, Lutensit®, Emulan®
  • Highly efficient foaming agents for use in carpet backing or foamed polymer dispersion coating applications
  • Additionally, excellent dispersion stabilization properties

Surfactants as wetting agents

  • Disponil® ; Lutensol®, Lutensit®, Emulan®
  • Efficient wetting agents especially in dynamic processes showing reduced tendency to foam
  • Perform as co-surfactants to achieve low particle size dispersions.

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