Chemical Processing

BASF has an excellent track record of using our core competences to deliver solutions to the Chemical Processing industry. Our in-depth appreciation of the issues of process optimization; supply and process reliability; and final product performance, enable us to support customers in areas that matter most. Whether solutions are required for chemical reactions or physical-chemical processes, BASF is ready to support our customers.

In addition to our portfolio of existing products, BASF is experienced in developing innovation in partnership with our customers. BASF supplies building blocks and process aids that improve chemical reactions and physical-chemical processes:

  • Anionic and nonionic surfactants - Lutensol®, Lutensit®, Emulan®, Emulphor®, Pluronic®, Tamol®, Glucopon®, Dehypon®
  • Polyalkyleneglycol building blocks - Pluriol®
  • Watersoluble dispersant polymers - Sokalan®
  • Biocides - Protectol®
  • Chelating agents - Trilon®
  • Waxes - Poligen®, Luwax®
  • Polyethyleneimine polymers - Lupasol®
  • Methanesulphonic acid - Lutropur®
  • Silicates - Hyporan®, Trasol®, Grossil®, Portil®, Silirit®, Nuclesil®, Perpura®
  • Silicon-free Defoamers - Degressal®, Pluriol®

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