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    Our customers provide chemical formulations and services for industrial processes in various industries. Dispersing, emulsifying, wetting, control of metal ions, foam control, controlling growth of microorganisms, and corrosion protection are core requirements for formulation ingredients. We have developed a wide range of surfactants, water-soluble polymers, chelating agents, micronutrients, waxes and wax emulsions, as well as biocides.

    These products are tailored to the specific needs of formulations used in various applications such as agriculture, construction, metal surface treatment, plastics, steel manufacturing and processing, textile & leather. The modification of surface interaction on fibers, fabrics, plastic, metal and many other substrates is a prerequisite to enable many industrial processes and superior product performance. BASF, as the leading chemical company, provides the R&D capabilities for the innovation that you aim for.


    Chemical Processing

    BASF has an excellent track record of using our core competences to deliver solutions to the Chemical Processing industry. Our in-depth appreciation of the issues of process optimization; supply and process reliability; and final product performance, enable us to support customers in areas that matter most. Whether solutions are required for chemical reactions or physical-chemical processes, BASF is ready to support our customers.

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    Concrete Additives

    BASF uses its innovative know-how to deliver high performance products to customers in the construction chemicals industry. With its building blocks and additives for concrete admixtures BASF helps its customers meet the increasing requirements of the construction market.

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    Emulsion Polymerization

    BASF uses its know-how to deliver high performance products, of consistent high quality, to customers in the emulsion polymerization industry. Emulsion polymerization is a complex technology employed to produce a variety of polymer dispersions. The dispersions then find application in adhesives, paints, textiles leather and paper.

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    Metal Surface Treatment

    The product range dealing with metal surface treatment includes selected products:

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    Pulp and Paper

    At BASF we use our core competences and know-how to deliver specialized chemical products for the pulp and paper industries. Our aims are to help optimize process costs, enhance process reliability and improve the final product performance. Our broad technology base allows our customers to meet the demands within the downstream paper and board value chain.

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    BASF offers solid waxes as lubricants that enable an effective and economical processing of rigid PVC. Lubricants are used as an additive for rigid PVC to precisely control the gelation time, to reduce the torque, and to provide an anti-sticking effect during processing. Waxes increase the utilization of process equipment and process stability when used as lubricants. In addition, end users of PVC products prefer a glossy and defect-free surface which is only obtained with lubricants.

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    Steel Production

    Based on our core competences in modification of surfaces and interfaces, as well as our polymer chemistry, we offer tailored solutions for the steel industry. BASF, as the leading chemical company, has considerable chemical knowledge and testing capabilities relating to steel processing as well as steel surfaces. We are experienced in developing unique innovation in cooperation with our customers.

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    Raw materials for Textile

    Raw Materials for Textile & Leather Formulations.

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    Wafer Cutting

    We help our customers to optimize their wafer quality and production yield with specialized product lines for different wafer cutting processes.

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