Plurafac® LF 7319


The Plu­ra­fac LF types are com­pat­ible with other non­ionic sur­fac­tants such as our Luten­sol® A, AO, AT, F, GD, ON, XA, XL, XP and TO types and our Plu­ronic® PE and RPE types. They can also be used in com­bi­na­tion with ­anionic (Luten­sit® A types) and cat­ionic sur­fac­tants (Lutensit TC-KLC types). They do not react with cal­cium, mag­ne­sium or any of the other cat­ions in hard water, nor with sol­u­ble ­alkali salts, ­anionic poly­mers such as car­boxy­me­thyl cel­lu­lose, or poly­car­box­y­lates such as our Sok­a­lan® CP, HP, PM and PA types.



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